Hanks disposes Riverside 30-6 to secure dramatic playoff spot

El Paso, Texas –Both teams needed a win and some help from the outside to get in. Well anything that needed to go right for the Hanks Knights, did happen. Hanks went from sitting in last place to start the game to clinching the final playoff when the clock struck 0:00.

Hanks started quick and never seemed to look back. Mykal Blanco only needed 2 receptions to get over 100 yards as his big plays contributed early on. His first catch went for a 41 yard touchdown. A few seconds of game play later, Riverside turned the ball right back over to Hanks quickly going down 14-0. Riverside had trouble all night getting its offense going as the only points came late in the 4th quarter.

All three phases for Hanks had be synchronized to help each other cruise to victory. By Halftime it was 24-0 and Hanks began to scoreboard watch the other games had their playoff hopes had been more alive. Riverside tried to comeback by mixing up the play calling with more passes but Hanks relentless pass rush gave small opportunity to get the pass off.

Late in the fourth quarter it was obviously this game was settled and both teams began to play seniors who may have saw little play time all season. The scores from other 5-A D2 came in and the party began at Excalibar Stadium. Hanks via tie-beakers jump into a playoff berth and will be playing again for at least one more week.

Our Casa Nissan player of the game was Mykal Blanco who had 6 catches for 143 yards and 2 touchdowns.

Christian Molinar – Reporting

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