El Paso High upends Bowie 31-20

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El Paso, TX—

Friday Night’s game between the Bowie Bears and El Paso Tigers was a game that had many expectations that did not come to fruition, as well as a few surprises and a mild upset.

In the pregame discussion, we learned Bowie’s offense is a Wing-T offense which relies heavily on the run. Prior to Friday’s game, Bowie had almost 1,000 yards rushing compared to 300 yards passing on the season, but that all changed against El Paso as the Tiger defense stepped in a big way.

The Tigers, a 14-point underdog, were putting nine men in the box to stifle Bowie’s Nathan Felix who already had a pair of 100-yard rushing games this year. That did not leave Bowie quarterback William Carrasco with a lot of options, so he had to start throwing the ball.  His target for the night was Carlos Varela and the Bears quickly jumped out to a 14-0 second quarter lead.

It appeared the Tigers had nothing to combat the Bowie trifecta of Carrasco, Felix, and Varela.  Then came the second quarter.

Quarterback Zach Rodriguez for El Paso has had issues all year with being pressured and losing the ball, and Coach Morales said in the pregame interview that is something they had been working on.  Well that became apparent as El Paso was able to start moving the ball and giving it to their workhorse running back Mario Chavez.

By the end of the first half, Chavez had helped tie the game and eventually took the lead on a 49 yard touchdown run that looked effortless as he dodged multiple Bowie defenders to get to the end zone.

At the half, El Paso would go on to the locker room with a 21-14 lead.  Both teams were struggling and shooting themselves in the foot by committing unnecessary penalties and both coaches made adjustments at the half and the second half of play was much cleaner than the first.

At the start of the third quarter, Bowie’s marched down the field and scored, only to miss the PAT.  Bowie’s Coach Padilla had a plan, and it was keeping the ball and running down the clock.

However, that would be the last time the Bears would see the end zone.  Bowie committed four delay of game penalties on the next drive and kept going backwards.

The Tiger defense kept the pressure up and eventually sacked Carrasco, and eventually took over the ball on downs.  El Paso drove downfield and scored once again making it 28 to 20.

Bowie started their next drive down the field and could not capitalize on a pass that put them near the goal line due to a penalty and turned the ball over.

El Paso just ran the ball, and the clock, and eventually kicked a 35 yard field goal to make it a 31-20.

The Bowie offense showed a lot of heart and grit, but alas, it was too little too late.  This was a victory for the Tigers that gives them a 1-0 district record.

After all was said and done, Mario Chavez had a 200 yard rushing game and had earned the title of Casa Nissan Player of the Game.


Shawn Murphy–Reporting

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