Montwood Bounces Back and Overwhelms Odessa 51-14

Montwood Chris Ramos

Photo by Ace Acosta

Montwood started off fast and never looked back. Both teams suffered losses leading up to the game, both were hungry for redemption. Expected to be close and high scoring from the SISD activities complex, Montwood delivered a beat down on Odessa. Ultimately the Rams would come out to strong and to fast for the Odessa Bronchos and they would go on to win the game easily 51-14. 

Montwood would begin the game on impressive drive to start the game, Odessa would stop the Rams and force them into a field goal but was wiped away with a penalty. Montwood would score in just under 3 minutes with a 4 yard pass to Yamil Oaxaca. Odessa couldn’t get going offensively, all afternoon yellow flags would stop any momentum they had. The Bronchos’ first two possessions would net -30 yards of total offense. Head coach Ariel Famaligi of the Montwood emphasized in pregame that the biggest key to victory would be the defense and they came up big all night. The Rams lead by Sebastian Galvan, would keep a fast pace on offense, no huddle and quick passes and runs keeping Odessa on their heels. 

Montwood’s offense would find the end zone two more times in the first quarter. Once on a quick screen to Sal Soto for 50 yards and the other RB Christoper Ramos ran it in from 9 yards out. The Rams would jump out in front quickly 21-0. For the most part it was all Montwood on all three phases of football. 

The second quarter would calm down as far as scoring went. The theme in this quarter was Odessa failing on its red zone chances. 1/3 in efficiency in the 2nd quarter alone left me wondering how much closer the game could have been. Credit to the Rams for buckling down in that area all night, they would hold Odessa 2/7 in the redzone by the end of the night. Christopher Ramos would get the first touchdown in the 2nd quarter from 57 yards out. Down 28-0 Odessa would try to go no huddle themselves. They would drive down late in the 2nd to find Dre Cobb for a 14 yard receiving touchdown. A little bit of life would inject into the Bronchos. Forcing a stop right after would be a huge opportunity to close the gap. They did just that, on a high snap during a punt for the Rams, the ball would head back to the 5 yard line, Odessa would be given a gift to score before the half was over. Nothing would go right for them that close to the end zone again credit to the Rams. Two run stuffs and a penalty would march Odessa outside the 15 yard line on 3rd down. Instead of trying for the end zone on that down, they would run a draw play to set up a field goal with 4 seconds left. That kick would sail wide left and Odessa would ruin the possession and come away empty handed. 

Montwood in the driver seat, Odessa hurting themselves with personal fouls, offsides, and holding, it would continue to be all Montwood. At one point the Bronchos would have more penalty yards then total offense, Rams RB Christoper Ramos would be out doing the entire offense of Odessa as well. Odessa started off the 3rd quarter with an interception, Aiden Montes for the Rams would jump a curl route and return it for a 45 yard touchdown. Christopher Ramos would find the end zone from 51 yards out, his 3rd touchdown of the night. The next possession? Odessa gives up a safety. It was a dominant display by the Rams. Christoper Ramos would get one more touchdown before his night ended. He ended with an impressive stat line 12 touches, 194 yards and 4 touchdowns. Backups from both teams would come in mid way through the 4th quarter on mop up duty and it would be over from there. 

Christoper Ramos was named the Speaking Rock player of the game. 

Montwood improves to .500 on the season (2-2) and takes on Eastwood next week. 

Christian Molinar Reporting


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