Midland Lee Air Attack Too Much for Americas

Midland Lee proved to be too much last night against the Americas Trailblazers but in a much different fashion. The Rebels are more known for their rushing attack. Americas tried early on to prevent that and paid the price, Midland Lee did it through the air and they easily won by a score of 70-12.

Micheal Serrano for Midland Lee threw the ball for 400 yards and 6 touchdowns, spreading those between multiple receivers mostly to Sheldon Bass and Loic Fouonji the big 6-3 and 6-4 targets for Serrano. Americas had its defense playing close to the line of scrimmage including its safeties allowing the big plays to happen from the air attack. Americas would continue to hurt themselves with penalties and turnovers late in drives thus not being able to keep up early in the 1st half.

Things began to fall apart for Americas by the 2nd quarter and it was all Midland Lee clicking on all cylinders.

Americas will finish its season at 6-5 and still was a turnover season from last year. With a young group returning next year for the program the future should be bright for the Trail Blazers.

Micheal Serrano was our selection for the Casa Nissan player of the game.

Christian Molinar Reporting

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