Week 8 Super Eight Power Poll


Team (First place votes) Points Last week Outlook
#1 Parkland (5-0-1, 1-0) (13) 180 #1 @ #6 Ysleta Friday, 7 pm
#2 Del Valle (4-1, 1-0) (1) 166 #2 Vs Eastwood, Friday, 7 pm
#3 Pebble Hills (4-2, 1-0) 130 #6 vs #7 Montwood, SAC, Friday 7 pm
#4 Andress (4-2, 2-0) 121 #5 Vs. Jefferson, Friday 7 pm
#5 Franklin (4-2, 2-0) 120 #8 Vs. #8 Coronado, Thursday, 6pm
#6 Ysleta (6-0, 1-0) 118 #4 Vs #1 Parkland, Friday, 7 pm
#7 Montwood (3-3, 1-0) 89 #NR Vs #3 Pebble Hills, Friday, 7 pm
#8 Coronado (4-2, 0-1) 83 #3 Vs #5 Franklin, Thursday, 6 pm

Dropped out from last week: Eastlake

New to the poll: Montwood

Other receiving votes: Eastwood, Irvin, Burges

*14 total voters


  • How does Andress, Franklin, and Pebble Hills at 4-2 jump Ysleta at 6-0? Maybe that’s why your rankings move a lot from week to week! Parkland and Del Valle are deadlocks at 1-2 (doesn’t matter who you put at 1 or 2), but no other team in El Paso has been as impressive as the Indians have been, and yet you rank them based on previous years? Also, where is Irvin on your rankings? Go out and watch a game or two with either of these programs, and you might change your mind! They are solid programs considering the talent pool they got!

  • While a Super 8 ranking is better than no ranking system at all, why not rank all the teams like EP Gridiron used to?

    I can’t seem to find current standings anywhere and a ranking that lists all teams, I feel would be beneficial.

    I am also curious about the point system. What is the formula?

    • The point system is 14 voters who rank teams across the city like an AP style poll. The 14 voters are our announcers who watch and breakdown every play from almost every team. We give them 12-13 teams to rank, and you gotta earn those points to make the top 8. You can find current standings posted every Tuesday here on our website. Thanks for stopping by appreciate your comments.


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