Burges Overpowers Riverside in Impressive Win

Photo by Sergio Roballi
The Burges Mustangs had something to prove. They had to prove that last weeks tie to a strong Parkland team was no fluke.  And they did by beating the Riverside Rangers 41-6
They had to prove they weren’t rebuilding but that they had reloaded. Sophomore Sensation Robert Hall produced 3 touchdowns throughout the game, one breaking for 75 yards to start the 2nd half.
Riverside needed to bounce back from last weeks loss against San Elizario Golden Eagles. Early on Riverside’s offense struggled with turnovers and first downs. No rhythm and no momentum led to multiple 3 and outs which gave their tired defense very little time to regroup. Riverside has shown issues in all three phases of the game.
It was all Burges from start to finish, this game quickly got out of hand and spoiled the special night for Riverside who which honored Coach Tom Work at halftime.  Burges should continue proving that they are a contender with Robert Hall and the surrounding weapons on offense. Riverside will need to address issues in all aspects of their game and will need to find an identity on the offense side of the ball.
Christian Molinar Reporting

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