El Paso #txshfb 6A-5A standings, playoff scenarios

Photo by Ace Acosta – EP Herald Post

Week 11 standings, schedule and playoff scenarios for each district

X- Denotes playoff spot clinched

*** – Denotes district champion


Team Overall District
Franklin *** 8-2 5-0
Americas 5-4 2-2
Pebble Hills 5-4 2-2
Montwood 4-5 2-2
Coronado 6-3 2-2
Socorro 0-10 0-5
  • Franklin @ Socorro @ SAC, Thursday, 4 pm
  • Coronado @ Pebble Hills @ @ SAC Friday, 4 pm
  • Montwood @ Americas @ SAC Friday, 7:30 pm

Franklin is the outright district champion and is the #1 seed in the DI bracket in 6A

UIL divides the teams into two division brackets based on school enrollment in 6A.

Winners of Coronado-Pebble Hills, and Montwood-Americas are in the playoffs.

Fourth seed will be determined by the head-to-head results of the losers of the two previously mentioned games.

Tie breaker situation

  • Montwood has the tie breaker over Coronado
  • Pebble Hills has the tie breaker over Montwood
  • Coronado has the tie breaker over Americas
  • Americas has the tie breaker over Pebble Hills

Seeding scenarios

  • If Americas and Pebble Hills win, Americas is DII #1 seed, Pebble Hills is DII #2 seed, Montwood is DI #2 seed
  • If Montwood and Pebble Hills win, Pebble Hills is DII #1 seed, Montwood is DII #2 seed, Coronado is D1 #2 seed
  • If Montwood and Coronado win, Montwood is DII #1 seed, Americas is DII #2 seed, Coronado is DI #2 seed.
  • If Americas and Coronado win, Americas is DII #1 seed, Pebble Hills is DII #2, Coronado is DI #2 seed.

Note: D1 #2 seed will play Odessa Permian at Ratiliff.


DI 1-5A

Team Overall District
Eastwood *** 6-3 4-0
Del Valle – X 6-2 3-1
Chapin – X 4-5 3-1
Eastlake – X 5-5 2-3
El Dorado 1-8 1-3
Bel Air 0-10 0-5
  • Bel Air @ Eastlake, @ SAC, Thursday, 7:30 pm
  • El Dorado @ Eastwood, Friday, 7 pm
  • Del Valle @ Chapin, @ Andress Friday, 7 pm

Eastwood has locked up the #1 seed and a share of the district title and will host the loser of Abilene-Cooper and Amarillo High in the bi-district round.  They can secure an outright district title with a win against El Dorado.

Del Valle-Chapin are playing for the #2 seed this week, winner of this game can also clinch a share of the district tile if Eastwood happens to lose to El Dorado.

D2 1-5A

Team Overall District
Parkland *** 8-0-1 4-0
Ysleta 7-2 2-2
Canutillo 4-5 2-2
Horizon 4-5 2-2
Riverside 3-6 1-3
Hanks 4-5 1-3
  • Ysleta @ Horizon, Friday, 7 pm
  • Canutllo @ Parkland, Friday, 7 pm
  • Riverside @ Hanks, Friday 7 pm

Parkland is the outright district champion and #1 seed out of D2 1-5A and will host Irvin in the bi-district round.

Three playoff spots left, five teams still mathematically alive

Ysleta win and they’re in

Horizon win and they’re in

Canutillo win and they’re in

Head-to-head tiebreakers 

  • Ysleta holds tiebreaker over: Canutiilo, Riverside,
  • Horizon holds tiebreaker over: Hanks, Canutillo
  • Canutillo holds tie breaker over: Riverside, Hanks
  • Riverside holds tiebreaker over: Horizon
  • Hanks holds tiebreaker over: Ysleta

Teams who need help

Riverside needs to win, and a Horizon loss and a Canutllo win for a playoff spot

Hanks needs to win, and a Ysleta loss and a Canutillo win to tie with Ysleta for fourth place which Hanks holds the tiebreaker and will in the playoffs.

Any scenario where there is a three-team tie will result in YISD tiebreaker rules.

D2 2-5A

Team Overall District
Andress – *** 7-2 5-0
Austin – X 7-2 4-1
Burges – X 6-2-1 4-1
Irvin – X 6-3 3-2
El Paso 4-6 2-4
Bowie 2-7 0-5
Jefferson 1-8 0-5
  • Jefferson @ Bowie Friday, 7 pm
  • Burges @ Austin Friday, 7 pm
  • Andress @ Irvin 7 pm

Andress is the #1 seed, and can secure an outright district title with a win against Irvin.

Austin and Burges are playing for the #2 seed.

Irvin is the #4 seed and will play Parkland in the bi-district round of the playoffs.

Matchup scenarios for all districts


  • DI 1-6A Midland High-Odessa winner plays at Franklin (confirmed via Coach Darren Walker)
  • DI 1-6A Coronado or Montwood will play at Permian (confirmed via standings)
  • DII 1-6A Montwood or Americas or Pebble Hills, will travel to Midland Lee if Lee beats Permian, and Tascosa loses to Frienship, if Lee loses and Tascosa wins, Lee would be traveling in bi-district.
  • DII 1-6A Amarillo Tascosa will host Americas or Montwood, or Pebble Hills with win tonight against Frienship

DI 1-5A 

  • Winner of Abilene Cooper-Amarillo High plays Chapin-Del Valle loser, El Paso team will have to travel.
  • Loser of Abilene Cooper-Amarillo High plays Eastwood, at Eastwood in bi-district round (confirmed by Eastwood coach Julio Lopez)
  • Winner of Chapin-Del Valle plays Amarillo Caprock, DI 1-5A second place finisher from El Paso gets a bi-district home game confirmed via Del Valle head coach Jesse Perales.
  • Eastlake will play at Lubbock Coronado time and date TBD.

DII 5A bi-district pairings 

  • Burges-Austin winner gets third place team from 1-5A and a home game.
  • Ysleta-Horizon winner will play the loser of the Austin-Burges loser.
  • Andress gets the #4 seed out of 1-5A.
  • Parkland will host Irvin in bi-district round.

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