Canutillo’s Carlos Amato runs wild in 42-18 win over Riverside

The Riverside Rangers came into last nights on a three game win streak and their playoff hopes revived. The Canutillo Eagles needed this win not only for the sake of homecoming but to get back into the playoff picture.

It was shaping out to be a back and fourth run game until the Eagles went full Carlos Amato-matic.  Canutillo’s Carlos Amato ran for 193 yards, and four touchdowns, spearheaded a second half turnaround that sealed an impressive district win for the Eagles.

The first half was riddled with mistakes by both teams but the mistakes by the Eagles looked to be more damaging. One interception and one missed snap on fourth down led to points for Riverside and it was quickly 18-7 Rangers with the lead.

Canutillo looked unfocused and lost, as most things couldn’t go right. They desperately needed halftime to refocus and make adjustments. The Rangers looked to have this game in full control leading into halftime. But with three minutes until the half break, the game completely changed and the Eagles found its mojo.

A big 78 yard touchdown run by Carlos Amato shifted momentum in favor of the Eagles and they never looked back.

As the second half went on the script completely flipped. While Riverside was clicking on all cylinders in the first half and the Eagles couldn’t be consistent, they flopped roles in the third quarter.

With Amato running wild, the Eagles defense was blitzing into Riverside’s rushing attack not allowing them to get going or score any more points the rest of the way. The Eagles offense would not let up boasting 29 unanswered points in the 2nd half to win with ease.

Both teams now stand at 3-4 and 1-1 in district play and are still in the thick of the playoff race in their district. Our Casa Nissan Player of the game was Carlos Amato as his big plays on the ground was the difference maker in what turned into a blowout.

Christian Molinar – Reporting

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